ec inspect policy-data

Read policy data from source urls and displays the data== Synopsis

Read policy data from source urls and displays the data.

This fetches policy sources similar to the 'ec fetch policy' command, but once the policy is fetched it reads json and yaml files inside the policy source and displays the data.

Note that this command is not typically required to verify the Enterprise Contract. It has been made available for troubleshooting and debugging purposes.

ec inspect policy-data --source <source-url> [flags]


Print data from a given source url:

ec inspect policy-data --source git::


-d, --dest

use the specified destination directory to download the policy. if not set, a temporary directory will be used

-h, --help

help for policy-data (Default: false)

-o, --output

output format. one of: json, yaml (Default: json)

-s, --source

policy data source url. multiple values are allowed (Default: [])

Options inherited from parent commands


same as verbose but also show function names and line numbers (Default: false)


path to the Kubernetes config file to use


less verbose output (Default: false)


max overall execution duration (Default: 5m0s)


enable trace logging (Default: false)


more verbose output (Default: false)