ec opa inspect

Inspect OPA bundle(s)== Synopsis

Inspect OPA bundle(s).

The 'inspect' command provides a summary of the contents in OPA bundle(s). Bundles are gzipped tarballs containing policies and data. The 'inspect' command reads bundle(s) and lists the following:

  • packages that are contributed by .rego files

  • data locations defined by the data.json and data.yaml files

  • manifest data

  • signature data

  • information about the Wasm module files

  • package- and rule annotations


$ ls
$ opa inspect bundle.tar.gz

You can provide exactly one OPA bundle or path to the 'inspect' command on the command-line. If you provide a path referring to a directory, the 'inspect' command will load that path as a bundle and summarize its structure and contents.

ec opa inspect <path> [<path> [...]] [flags]


-a, --annotations

list annotations (Default: false)

-f, --format

set output format (Default: pretty)

-h, --help

help for inspect (Default: false)


opt-in to OPA features and behaviors that will be enabled by default in a future OPA v1.0 release (Default: false)

Options inherited from parent commands


same as verbose but also show function names and line numbers (Default: false)


path to the Kubernetes config file to use


less verbose output (Default: false)


max overall execution duration (Default: 5m0s)


enable trace logging (Default: false)


more verbose output (Default: false)