Task Authoring

This document is meant to assist Tekton Task authors in authoring and conforming with the Task policies and Release Policies.

1. Task annotations

Tasks can be annotated to influence the Release Policy rules. These annotations are placed in the annotations section under the metadata key of the Task definition.

1.1. Setting Task expiry

A Task can be set to expire by setting the build.appstudio.redhat.com/expires-on annotation. The presence of the annotation means that the task is or will be unsupported by a certain date/time provided in the value of the annotation in the RFC3339 format.

For example, this will set the Task to be unsupported after 2025-01-01 at midnight UTC; prior to that a warning will be emited by the Task version unsupported rule and following that date/time a violation will be reported instead:

apiVersion: tekton.dev/v1
kind: Task
  name: my-task
    build.appstudio.redhat.com/expires-on: 2025-01-01T00:00:00Z